Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Final PLN post

I am still enjoying my PLN. I started a Twitter account this summer but was really unsure what the big deal about it was. It always seemed like I was talking to myself and reading what my friends were doing. I realized I could follow more than just my friends on Twitter but also things that I am interested in. I now follow my teacher Dr. Strange and the lab helpers along with other educative that they ar following. I also love technology so I follow many people who share updates and new things that will be coming out. This helped me find out exactly when I could update my iPad and why I was having a problem at first. I am now on Twitter for most of my day reading articles about education and technology while also see what my friends are doing. I still continue to expand my PLN everyday.

Summary Post C4K comments Nov. and Dec.

Yasmine wrote about a book she was currently reading and asked what I thought would happen. Here are my thoughts:
“Winner Takes it All” sounds like a really good book to read. If I had to guess what happens at the end I would say that one of the girls would most likely win but they would figure out a way to not let the results of the election ruin their friendship. Friendships are important things top have and there are many solutions to keeping them going strong. I hope that Celia wins like you think she will and that everything works out in the end.

Logan wrote a story about himself versus Mario and Luigi.
I really enjoyed his story and how he made himself apart of Mario and Luigi’s world. I enjoy playing Mario brothers games on my Wii. I could imagine his story taking place because I am familiar with the characters and also because of the illustration he gave of his character.

The student posted what they had learned about polynomials and what they were thankful for.
I thought they had learned some good things about polynomials and they had refreshed my memory. It was also apart of their assignment to write about what they were thankful for. The student's post I read was thankful for his family. I told him that having family is really something to be thankful about. I also mentioned that I was thankful for my family as well and wished him a happy Thanksgiving.

Emily wrote about a book she was reading called "The Lightning Thief"
I told Emily that her book sounded really interesting and like a movie I have seen. I also said that the way she described the book made me want to read it over Christmas break. I thanked her for her review and her post and told her that I hoped she enjoys the next book in the series as well.

Mitchell wrote a post playing with a dog and friends.
Mitchell is currently learning how to read and write so the post was just a sentence long. I said that learning how to read and write is imporant and it takes hard work and time. I also said that I could see she was trying really hard. I also said keep up the good work and keep having fun.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Lee Kolbert
The first blog post Mrs. Kolbert wrote was about being a passionate teacher. Here are my thoughts on the matter. It is hard to want to be a passionate teacher with the way school systems are today. However, I do not let that kill my passion for teaching. I think it is important for a teacher to show passion in and out side of the classroom. When students see their teacher is passionate they begin to be motivated. I just hope that my passion remains the same or even grows once I am in the classroom with students of my own.
The second post Mrs. Kolbert wrote was about the truth about students encountering cyber predators. Here are my thoughts about if I think schools will change how they inform students about online safety. I do not think the way schools, parents, or the PTA will change the way they combat for internet safety even after knowing the facts. I believe they want to say that they are trying to save the children and that they have the best solutions.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Additional Assignment 5

Just Teach Them To Solve For X
I think this post was written to express the importance of learning instead of memorizing, which is one of my pet peeves. The main idea of John Spencer's post was that life and learning are supposed to be complicated. But, by being able to discern the complicated things, that is how students learn to learn. This post was really on a subject that I deal with on a daily basis.

Sketchy Portraits
John Spencer feels like he has been touched by his eighth grade class. This post is about how he understands that his students are in the middle of an ever changing emotional battle. They want to be treated as adults, however, at the same time they cling to childhood. He can understand how his students are feeling, and that is truly a gift. I believe the point of this post is that there are other teachers in the world who only see things in black and white, while 8th graders are stuck in varying shades of gray. It is good he is able to see this, understand it, and work with the students.

He Likes Class Just For The Pencils
Tom Johnson told a story of a conference he had with a student, his parents, and other teachers. He talked about how teachers played the blame and shame game with the kid. Then, he interrupted the game by saying the student was always good for him. He got into a debate with the teacher over the student's behavior. The unknown teacher said the student was only good in class because John had computers in his classroom. Whether this story may or may not be true is irrelevant. The fact is teachers who do not establish a relationship with their students cannot expect the student to respect them as the authority.

The Medium Shapes The Learning.
I honestly did not get what was being said in this post. I know he was talking about adding new technologies to the classroom can sometimes not be a good thing. I think he was saying that there can be effects from wielding new tools to fit a specific purpose that people fail to see.

Blog Post 13

ALEX, Alabama’s Learning Exchange provides all kinds of information for teachers who are working in Alabama. The website gives all the information a teacher needs to help them be a successful teacher in Alabama including links to many other websites containing information about teaching, podcasts on different lessons, lesson plans, and any thing and every thing you need.
ALEX is a website with so much information for teachers in Alabama. The website is great and gives you so many different ideas and for all grades. I like that it was easy to find things just by using the search bar. I didn’t know this website was out there but I really enjoyed going through it. I will use this web site a lot because I am planning to teach in Alabama.

Project 15

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Form Results Project 6

Are you currently in a committed relationship?
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
Have you ever been in a committed relationship
Yes, I have been.1583%
No, I have not been16%
I am not really sure211%
When thinking of your partner what comes to mind?
I can't wait to get married422%
I want to grow old with you950%
I need freedom422%
Would your partner be your emergency contact?
yesNoyesYesYesyesyesNoyesmaybeNever really thought about ityesyesnoyesyesyesno
What would it take for you to leave your partner?
My life1056%
Another person528%
Something better528%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
Can you see you and your partner with a family?
If you had to be with out your partner to save your life would you?
??????????????????I wouldn't murder anyone.yesUmmm... seriously, what kind of question is this?Nowhat in the world is this question? killing?yesYesnever, what?Wow! Forever!Never really thought about...
How long would you last in a room alone with your partner?
Two Minutes16%
Two Hours317%
Two Weeks1056%
Two days422%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
When thinking about your partner do you think about the good or bad first?
Do you think you are in love?
Im marriedNot at the momentyesYour form is disturbing on multiple levels.... the hell is wrong with you?YesnonoNoi don't knowYes!!I would say soyeahI've been out of the relationship for 2 years, but...
Number of daily responses

It seems that a great bit of my group are in a committed relationship but are not in love with the person they are with. I gathered my finding based on all of the questions I asked. My questions were suppose to get people to really begin thinking about what love is and not just the version that is presented through movies and books. My group showed me they would be willing to give up the person they were with if the circumstances arose. I have learned from the information I have gathered why divorce is so high among our generation in some sense. Our generation is "all about me" and not willing it put another person first. I do however, still have hope for love and our generation because their were a couple of people who I saw to be truely in love in my opinion.